You've heard that SMS text marketing works for CBD advertising, but do you understand how it works? Perhaps you’ve used text messaging for personal purposes, but texting for advertising purposes is more involved. As CBD marketing laws become more restrictive, it’s worth answering the question that all cannabis professionals are now asking: How does CBD SMS marketing work?

What Are The Advantages To Using CBD SMS Marketing?

  1. You can reach all of your customers and potential customers with one text blast. Instead of communicating with one person at a time, bulk SMS marketing allows you to reach hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously. This will save you a lot of time while making marketing medical cannabis easier.
  2. You know you're marketing your CBD products with consent because each person must opt into your text messages. They also have the power to stop the messages at any time.
  3. It's easier to get people to take action in response to an SMS text blast because recipients can click a link directly from the message. The less effort it takes for someone to visit your website or online store, the more likely they are to act on your message.
  4. It doesn't take a lot of time or advanced training to create effective messages since text messages are short. You can even schedule delivery of your messages using CBD marketing platforms to reduce your time investment even more.
  5. More than 90 percent of the population now has access to a cellphone with text message capability, and most of them keep their phones with them at all times. Those people will see your text messages instantly, so you aren't waiting for them to take a postcard out of their mailbox or open an email.
  6. SMS marketing allows you to meet your customers wherever they are at the moment in daily life. They don't have to go home or open their email inbox to get your message. You simply pop up on their phone in real time, and most people can't resist peeking at their phones when they hear that ding announcing a new message.
  7. Text messages are the most discreet method of delivery for CBD promotions. Most consumers won't open emails related to CBD marketing campaigns while at work or around other people, and direct mailings are easily seen by mail carriers, neighbors, children and other housemates.
  8. Text marketing allows you to target the specific interests of individual subscribers. Each customer will use an opt-in keyword that relates to their interest, allowing you to send the most appropriate messages to each person on your contact list. Targeted marketing improves response rates and maximizes ROI.
  9. CBD text marketing allows you to receive responses to surveys and polls in real time. No more waiting for postcards to return in the mail or asking consumers to email you back.
  10. Response rates through CBD text marketing is up to TEN times higher than engagement rates for retailer email marketing campaigns.
Scratcher ideas for restaurants


Mobile Scratchers are perfect for CBD Companies! You can post to your social media, websites and any other marketing material you have. You can also send out emails or import your current SMS data base and send them a text saying "Win 4 VIP tickets to our the Great American Foodie Fest, text WINVIP to 52236 for your chance to win".

The benefits of having people text in for a chance to win is everyone is a winner! Even if they don't win the free VIP tickets you can still give them a percentage off of their entry fee or a gift card to use while in the festival! The best part of the feature is everyone who texts in will now be in your database so they can be the first to know when tickets for your next festival go on sale or changes to the lineup!

Imagine being able to send a ticket sales directly to 100,000 peoples phones, with current statistics 97,000 people will open that text in the first 3 minutes! Unlike social media's algorithms, the text will be delivered right to your target customers eyes! We won't even go into emails open rates as you still have to get by the spam filters!

Test it out here! Click here or text WINNER to 52236